Buchtipp: Zero License Costs? It is possible!: This book will show you that it is possible to run your IT without any license costs

Buchtipps für IT Professionals (IT Themen werden aufgrund der Internationalität meist in englischer Sprache abgehandelt):

This book will show you that it is possible to run your IT without any license costs. A book for managers ready to take over responsibility and reduce the TCO (total cost of ownership). Descriptions of enterprise ready software plus checks to move services back from foreign servers on the Internet – aka Cloud – to your office and much more is inside this book.

Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents
  • Legal Notes
  • Witch way to go
  • Hardware and virtualization software
  • Open Source Snapshot Backup
  • Firewall with failover and replication
  • Company network – Basic Services
  • Intranet DNS server
  • Intranet DHCP server
  • Intranet NTP Server
  • Intranet Proxy server with virus scanner
  • VPN to access services or net-to-net
  • E-Mail and Groupware server
  • E-Mail filter and virus scanner
  • In-House Cloud System
  • Encrypted Instant-Messaging server
  • File Sharing
  • Open Source VoIP telephone system
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Workstations, PC’s and Laptopsv
  • Linux Terminal Server
  • Suggested Open Source Software
  • Firewall Builder
  • LibreOffice the powerful office suite
  • Thunderbird e-mail/groupware client
  • Firefox browser
  • Open Source CAD solutions
  • Image management and manipulation
  • Desktop Publishing
  • CRM and Billing solutions
  • ERP solutions for the enterprise
  • Other software
  • Coaching and Consulting
  • About The Author
  • Other Books By (Author)

Witch way to go

For managers and decision makers it is kinda hard to find the best way for their companies. Even the “Cloud” version is out the scope of this book I will ask you a very few questions and you should be able to decide very easy.

First of all you have to understand the definition “Cloud”. The “Cloud” simply is one or more servers on the Internet, operated by different people. There is not “one Cloud”! Everybody is able to setup a server on the Internet, offering space or services like e-mail or similar and name it “Cloud”. So there are millions of “Clouds” and marketing departments found a great name to get people used to save their data on foreign servers they do not control. Funny part of it, if you ask somebody to save data on Internet servers, mosts says, no, I would not do it!

Edition 2017/01

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